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Hi! My name is Norman Rusch. I'm a web developer from Berlin focusing on front end technologies. I love to write reusable and tested javascript, semantic and accessible html and modular css. Working for AiSight in Berlin.

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Open source

Below is a list of some of my open-source projects and contributions. There are many other projects on GitHub which are not listed here. So if you're interested in some more projects, please have a look at my GitHub profile page.

  • Routz

    This small project is built out of a pattern, that I've used in several projects before. I saw a need to publish this as a separate module. It's defining routes of an application in a single place to prevent repetitive usage by exposing helper functions. The name of this project is Routz and pronounced as ”Routes” (/ɹuːts/). The source and documentation is public on GitHub and the package published to npm.

  • CarouCSSel

    CarouCSSel is a lightweight dependency-free css carousel for horizontal scrolling. It's shipped with a javascript api to render for example UI elements like buttons and pagination to control the scroll position. To see this in action you can visit the project page or have a look into the demos. For more details, please visit the project on GitHub.

  • Pacto

    Pacto is a lightweight framework for non SPA websites including small features which use latest browser features like Proxy, IntersectionObserver and WeakMap. This website is based on pacto.

    To read more about the concepts behind pacto, please visit the GitHub project and please try it on you next project.

  • Lintspaces

    Lintspaces is a javascript module for checking different types of spaces in a source code. It validates a lot of different types like indentation, trailing whitespace, newlines at end of the file, and some more. It is designed to be language-independent. It respects team or project settings defined in .editorconfig and/or .lintspacesrc.

    Lintspaces is the core on which other open-source tools like lintspaces-cli by Evan Shortiss, gulp-lintspaces by Alberto Elias, and grunt-lintspaces by myself are based on.

    The project started in 2013 where other tools like ESLint did not exist. Despite that, it could possibly be replaced by other tools, but it is still used within 16k+ projects. If you want to learn more about this project, please visit the GitHub project page.

Worked for

These are some of the most valuable brands I could work for in the past years. All these brands are clients of those agencies I worked for.

  • The Pioneer
  • Mannheimer Morgen
  • Embassy of Canada in Berlin
  • Dreamies™ Snacks by Mars Petcare
  • ZDF – Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
  • RBB – Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg
  • Arte
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • Ideal
  • Volkswagen
  • Coca Cola